The environment is important to us we do our best to maintain a healthy balance.
We take a lot of care in our designs therefore we like to stay fresh and unique to ensure our customers have a one of a kind garment that will last them over a good period of time.
We have customers who have had our swimwear for 3 years plus and still wear it every year.
We only make a limited amount of our items, this is not only more eco friendly, but it also gives our customers the knowledge that there are only a limited amount sold globally.
If we are left with any stock which is usually a very small amount we give them to local charities.
None of the material we use is tested on animals or made from animals.
When we shoot for our photoshoots we ask the hair and make up team to use cruelty free products.
We care about our environmental footprint and we do our best to maintain a healthy recycling system.
Our packing is all recyclable from the mailing bags, dust bags and returns form.
We make sure any of our office supplies, left over or faulty packaging are all recycled.
We have now decided that we will not send out items with plastic bags.
However, we do provide FREE dust bags for customers in which the garment is sent in. This is provided so the garment can maintain its quality in order for the customer to get more wears.
We ensure our garments are of great quality material, long lasting and can be worn over a sustainable number of years.
We want to make sure that you can become part of our brand family growing and glowing forward.
Not only do we care about our staff and our customers, we also care greatly about our suppliers.
We have been working with our suppliers for 6 years. We hold a great relationship inside and outside of the business structure.
We would like to invite you meet our supplier Petal.
She works and lives in China. She is a wonderful, healthy, fit, hard working, family orientated lady.
Petal also guides and helps us on our journey just as much as we provide work for her and her team.
She helps us with beautiful materials, size guide information and even small tips she recommends when we send off our sample designs.
Petal sources the most beautiful fabrics that are all cruelty free, long lasting along with being kind and soft to the skin.
We communicate with Petal almost every single day and we are so happy that we have such an amazing relationship with her.
She is passionate about her work and what she does.
Having a great relationship with Petal ensures good energy is radiated travelling across the world from China all the way to the U.K. 
It is important to us that you understand where our products are safely and kindly made.
Read our interview with Petal below
How long have you worked in the fashion industry?
” I have worked in the fashion industry for 10 years now”.
What does your company do?
“We manufacture swimwear, beach wear, board shorts and pool floats. We also trade and distribute wholesale”.
What is it that you like about your job so much?
“I have worked in fashion for so long because this is what i like doing. I don’t think i will ever do anything else.”
You get to work with many people from around the world, what is your favourite thing about that?
“I enjoy my job, i enjoy getting to know the people i work with outside of the factory”.
Have you ever been to the U.K?
“Yes, i visited the U.K in 2019 and Grace from Pretty Pink Princess helped me with good information for visiting London”.